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Read the latest news of what is happening for Door County Land for Sale.

New Path Cut

Lot 1 New Path from South Meadow
Lot 1 New Path

A new path has been cut from the South Meadow to "Broadway", the north/south firebreak. The new path allows visitors to make a circular walkthrough of the lot.

Path View looking west from Broadway
Lot 1 Path Looking West

Clearing and Paths Mowing

Lot 1 Details Lot 1 Details

The meadows have been cleared and the paths mowed to allow easy access to Lot 1. Go to the Lot 1 Detail Map page to see the meadows, trails and other details of Lot 1.

Parking and Turnaround

Land for Sale Parking and Turn Around
Land Parking and Turn Around

A mulched area has been added to Lot 1 for parking and turning around. The parking area leads to a wide path for walking through the lot. More details and pictures found on the Lot 1 for Sale page.

Lot Sold, Half Lot Added

Lot 1 for Sale
Door County Lot 1

In 2018 a five acre lot was sold. The happy owner of that lot decided a bigger lot would be better and bought half of the adjacent lot in early 2019. Now the remaining 7.8 acre lot is available as Lot 1 on this web site. Go to the Lot 1 for Sale page for more information.

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